Evocplus Roadmap

Q2 2024

  • April: Launch of the Evocplus website and introduction of the $EVOC token.

  • May: Official public release on Uniswap; begin community staking programs.

  • June: Implement multi-factor authentication for enhanced wallet security.

Q3 2024

  • July: Introduce mobile app for iOS and Android to facilitate on-the-go asset management.

  • August: Launch of a referral program to reward users for bringing new participants.

  • September: Addition of advanced trading features within the wallet for real-time cryptocurrency exchange.

Q4 2024

  • October: Expand staking options to include additional cryptocurrencies.

  • November: Integration of AI-driven analytics to provide personalized investment insights.

  • December: First annual community governance meeting, allowing token holders to vote on future project developments.

Q1 2025

  • January: Upgrade security protocols to incorporate blockchain forensics and monitoring services.

  • February: Partner with financial institutions to bridge traditional banking services with crypto management.

  • March: Conduct a comprehensive audit of the entire platform, focusing on security and user experience improvements.

Q2 2025

  • April: Launch a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform to complement the existing staking features.

  • May: Introduce cross-chain compatibility to support a wider range of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

  • June: Celebrate the first anniversary with a special reward program for the community and a report on the year’s achievements and the outlook for the future.

This roadmap is structured to progressively enhance the Evocplus platform, expanding its features, security measures, and community engagement opportunities, thereby fostering growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency management space.

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